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An Integrative Approach to
a Good, Healthy Life

Health Coach International is an organization of health coaches dedicated to helping you achieve good health using an integrative multi-disciplinary approach. Good health is not just being free from illnesses; it also means being fit, and living a long and happy life.

Our team includes certified medical professionals, trained hynotherapists and experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaches. We specialize in health coaching in areas such as weight loss, stress management and life coaching. We focus on the latest research to help our busy clients achieve their dreams of work-life balance,

Some of our programs include:

  • Complete Weight Loss Program
    Our best-selling program. We'll help you lose fat, not just weight loss, through a personalised, safe and proven system over 23 days under medical supervision. Find out what are the habits that are hampering your efforts to lose weight, and how to keep off weight gain without dieting. Contact us for a no-obligations consultation session.

  • Positive Energy Program
    Our multi-disciplinary program caters for busy executives and corporate personnel looking for a balanced lifestyle amidst their hectic schedules (better work-life balance). We focus on practical techniques that everyone can use to increase their energy level in order to increase productivity and creativity. We also help you to relieve stress in order to improve their health and fitness, and to have a more restful sleep.

  • Integrative Anti-Aging Program
    A holistic approach that takes care of the visible signs of aging like premature aging skin, wrinkles, age spots. We also address important issues concerning nutrition, exercise, mental functions and emotional health to help our clients look and feel their best.

Call us today at +65-6336 6281 for a FREE no-obligations coaching session to discuss your needs and requirements.

Our Core Team of Trainers and Coaches
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