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Transcending Organisational Diversity

Dear friend,

Does your organisation have a challenge retaining star performers and talents? Do you know what their inner motivating forces are?

Just giving them better pay packages may not be the solution as research has shown that more people leave an organisation because of unhappiness at the workplace rather than money.

As one HR director said, “We want our staff to be happy with the organisation as well as have an inner sense of fulfillment and purpose in what they do.

One of the key challenges faced by businesses in the face of comp.etition is not only maintaining but engaging and developing their most vital asset – their personnel. On a daily basis, we encounter challenges on how to deal with unsatisfactory work performance or behaviour. Meanwhile, on a personal level, we are constantly thinking about how we can make our life, career and relationships better.

It’s not just about what the company wants – higher productivity, more initiative and innovation, etc; of course all of these are important as well, but rather the se.cret lies in helping each individual align their passions to the company’s goals and vi.sion.

Your organisation probably has an existing profiling tool that will undoubtedly improve communication and te.amwork in your company. But knowing the personalities of each te.am member is simply not enough as these can be ever changing according to circumstances and environment. 

However, what we must understand is: We are all born with only one basic inborn dominant personality type which does not change over time.

This personality type is an innate orientation that largely determines the ways in which we learn to adapt to our early childhood environment and life. It is only one fundamental personality found within us which affects how we deal with business clients, make business desicions and even in our personal lives, basically, the way we react to EVERYTHING we encounter in life!

That’s what makes the ENNEAGRAM tool unlike any other profiling tool out there. 

In this two day program, participants will uncover their natural inborn personality type.

Through the Enneagram, they will be able to dis.cover their level of development and personal mastery level. They will be able to understand their “true self”, their inner motivation and driving forces, the people around them better, why people react the way they do, and achieve personal empowerment both in the corporate world and in personal life.

In this challenging times and in a fast-paced business world of networking, negotiations, entertaining and official business functions, organisations will always be a melting po.t of diverse personalities and individuals. In order to achieve organisational excellence, it is absolutely essential that we are able to transcend that diversity so everyone in the organisation can be an eagle in their own unique way.

Talk to us and see how the program can help your organisation soar.

Look foward to working with you.

Jessica See

Top 5 Reasons why you should attend the program!

•    Find out your inborn personality trait and avoid the possible pitfalls that can hamper your growth and personal fulfilment, and form new habits to align yourself and the people around you in the right direction.

•    Learn how you can understand others better – their underlying thinking, beliefs, and what makes them “tick”. As a manager, you will then be able to motivate, retain and grow a highly effective and supportive te.am.

•    The Enneagram does not put people into ‘boxes’ – it helps fr.ee you so you make better choices and decisions that will move you forward with confidence that  these are totally aligned with your values and beliefs.

•    You will be provided with a key understanding of self and dis.cover the path to becoming your best self, what is the most effective role you can play in your organisation, within your te.am, and in what ways you can best support your bosses and superiors.

•    You will be able to communicate more persuasively, manage conflict better, build a stronger te.am, be a more effective lead.er as well as follower, and even prevent psychological illnesses in staff such as de.pression, psychosis, bulimia and schizophrenia.

Contact us!

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Singapore 188727

Phone: +65-6336 6281

Email: coach@imagecoach.com.sg

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Where and When

Date: 31st August - 1st September 2010

Time: 9 am to 5:30 pm

Location: NUSSU Suntec City Guild House, Level #05-001, Suntec City M.all

Early Bird Fee: $795

After 31 July 2010, fee is $995.) 10% discount for 3 or more participants from the same organisation.

Also available as an in-house program. For more information, call or SMS to 8228 8938 or email coach@imagecoach.com.sg


Trainers' Profile

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Dr. Ernest Wong, Founder and master trainer of Learning Mastery Pte Ltd, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Master in Human Resource Development, Certified Trainer in “accelerated learning” from Turning Point in University of California, USA.


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Ken Koh is a Enneagram Coach/Trainer personally trained by Russ Hudson, Co-founder of Enneagram Institute, He is also a Professional Trainer certified by IPMA, UK and a certified Fire-walking and breakthrough Train.er. Through his dynamic and energetic training methods, Ken has personally coached over 50,000 students and parents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong


| To contact us please email coach@imagecoach.com.sg

Image Coach International

420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Cenre #03-04, Singapore 188727