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Achieve Personal Empowerment

Dear Friend,

Do you get frustrated easily with your friends, colleagues, spouse and even kids because you can’t seem to communicate with them - they don’t get what you are trying to say or you just can't seem to understand them?

In the fast-paced society we live in today, one of the key challenges we face is to get our message across quickly and clearly. We no longer take the time or make the effort, neither are we allowed the opportunity, to really understand each other, much less communicate persuasively. That's why so many relationships sour, marriages fail, and families become dysfunctional.

The key lies in first understanding ourselves; only then can we connect with and influence others. True success, be it in our personal lives, business or career, lies in your hands. But firstly, it starts with you understanding your “true self”, underlying motivations, limiting beliefs and from there, only then to understand others better.

You might have done some sort of personality type test before e.g DISC, Myers Brigg and so on. However all these personality test results may change over time at different stages of our lives or even for different roles we play. However, what we must understand is: We are all born with only one basic inborn dominant personality type which does not change over time.

This personality type is an innate orientation that largely determines the ways in which we learn to adapt to our early childhood environment and life. There is only one fundamental personality found within us which affects how we deal with business clients, make business decisions and even in our personal lives, basically, the way we react to EVERYTHING we encounter in life!

That’s what makes the ENNEAGRAM tool unlike any other profiling tool out there.

In this two-day program, participants will uncover their natural inborn personality type.

Through the Enneagram, they will be able to dis.cover their level of development and personal mastery level.

They will be able to understand their “true self”, their inner motivation and driving forces, the people around them better, why people react the way they do, how to prevent and avoid conflicts, communicate effectively for desired results and achieve personal empowerment both in the corporate world and in personal life.

Personal Mastery

Problems—we all have them. They are everywhere. There are big problems; there are small problems. There are problems that are trivial, and ridiculous; there are gigantic problems that can cause a big impact. There are easy problems and there are difficult problems. There are personal problems, emotional problems, mental problems, relational problems, business problems, economic problems, political problems, and spiritual problems. And there are problems with people around us, kids, spouses, friends, clients, bosses,

Potential—we all have them. There is potential for creativity, invention, and solutions . There is potential for skills, competencies, and becoming a high performer. There is potential of the mind, emotion, and action. There are potentials for unleashing new skills and creative problem solving.

Dreams—we also all have them. There are dreams for our personal lives—living more fully and authentically. There are dreams for more power to take effective action, for more love and compassion, and more effectiveness in business. There are dreams for our loved ones, for our dream home, dream holi.day, and dream vocation. There are dreams for our communities and our planet and world.

Solutions—we all want them! We want solutions for making our dreams real, for making our businesses succeed in ways far beyond our dreams. We want solutions for our health and fitness,
for our relationships and loved ones, for our well-being and happiness.

So in this workshop we focus on the solutions to our problems to access and actualize our dreams by means of unleashing our potentials.

To do this is to achieve self mastery. To do that is to first understand ourselves and then understand the people around us before we turn our creative hopes, dreams, and potentials into reality.

Talk to us and see how the program can help you truly dis.cover and master yourself and see doors magically open for you!

Look forward to working with you.

Jessica See


Where and When

Date: 31st August - 1st September 2010

Time: 9 am to 5:30 pm

Location: NUSSU Suntec City Guild House, Level #05-001, Suntec City M.all

Early Bird Fee: $795

After 31 July 2010, fee is $995.) 10% discount for 3 or more participants from the same organisation.

Also available as an in-house program. For more information, call or SMS to 8228 8938
6336 6281
or email coach@imagecoach.com.sg

Trainers' Profile


Dr. Ernest Wong, Founder and master train.er of Learning Mastery Pte Ltd, PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Master in Human Resource Development, Certified Train.er in “accelerated learning” from Turning Point in University of California, USA.



Ken Koh is a Enneagram Coach/Train.er personally trained by Russ Hudson, Co-founder of Enneagram Institute, He is also a Professional Train.er certified by IPMA, UK and a certified Fire-walking and breakthrough Train.er. Through his dynamic and energetic training methods, Ken has personally coached over 50,000 students and parents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong



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