Integrative Weight Loss

lose fat and keep it off for good!

Now available in Singapore - an integrative weight loss program that is a proven effective, safe yet fast way to lose weight, with a focus on long-term weight control and prevention of weight gain. Depending on your particular circumstances and health conditions, our team of medical doctor and qualified health coaches may use a combination of techniques and strategies like dietary therapy, behavior therapy and physical activity.

Most weight loss programs out there focus on calorie counting which has proven to be ineffective as the average dieter often ends up worse off when they started. Such weight loss programs can also slow down the metabolic rate, making the weight loss more difficult to maintain, and worse may even be detrimental to your health!

At Health Coach International, the primary focus is on your health as well as long-tern results.


It’s important that you understand the basics of healthy eating and follow a healthy diet plan that would help you not only lose weight fast, but stay healthy as well.

Health Coach International’s diet pan is based on the concept of Protein Sparing Modified Fast developed by the Harvard Medical School – Dr George Cahill, Professor of Medicine at Harvard University and Dr George Blackburn, Director of Nutritional Support Services, in association with Dr. Peter Vash, a leading Los Angeles specialist in eating disorders and obesity.

Your coach will work with you to design a plan that is suited to your particular circumstances and dietary preferences. The focus is on developing long-term changes in food choices rather than short-term crash diets that will do more harm than good. Frequent contact with the coach during the period of diet adjustment will improve success rate and compliance.


Physical activity has direct and indirect benefits. Increased physical activity is important in efforts to lose weight because it increases energy expenditure and plays an integral role in weight maintenance. Physical activity also reduces the risk of heart disease more than that achieved by weight loss alone. In addition, increased physical activity may help reduce body fat and prevent the decrease in muscle mass often found in other weight loss programs.

The activity will be customised for the client based on current activity level and personal preferences, with a focus on a long-term goal rather than a short-term spate of intense activity that may be unsustainable or worse, dangerous to health.


Behavioral therapy is a useful adjunct to planned adjustments in food intake and physical activity. Specific behavioral strategies include the following: self-monitoring, stress management, stimulus control, problem-solving, contingency management, cognitive restructuring and social support.


Now that you have achieved your desired weight, our Image Coach will work with you to help you enhance your image.

You will learn:

  • How to make use of your current assets so you can look good, feel great all the time
  • How to dress to impress by understanding your own body shape
  • What colours suit you best
  • What hairstyles and eyewear will best suit your face shape.

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