Discover Your Style Personality

“Discover Your Style Personality”
How You Can Be Noticed and Make a Good Impression

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Is your wardrobe in a muddle? Are you not sure what your own style is? Do you feel that your clothes really reflect the real you?

Knowing your Style Personality is as important as being able to choose the best colours and shapes for you. When you understand this concept, you not only look fantastic in what you wear, you feel authentic and truly YOU in it.

Your Style Personality is influenced by your colouring and bone structure, your environment and the kind of life you live, underpinned by the essence of you. We look at styles you are naturally attracted to, fabrics and cut, as well as the overall image you project and want to project.

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Complete the questionnaire below and I will send you the results to let you know what your style personality is. You could be a city chic who loves to invest in expensive key neutrals or a creative who prefers to mix vintage with high street. Maybe you are a natural who dresses for comfort or a romantic who loves all the girly frills and fuss. Go on, take the quiz and find out...

Mark the answer that most truly describes you. Sometimes there may be two possibilities but choose the one you'd prefer. 

1. How do you choose your colour?

2. What kind of shopper are you?

3. How would you describe your overall look?

4. What is in your working wardrobe?

5. What is in your non-working wardrobe?

6. What kind of jewellery/accessories do you like?

7. What is in your special occasion wardrobe? (Optional for Men)

8. What is your attitude to make-up? (Optional for Men)

9. What are your shoes like? (Optional for Men)

10. What type of hairstyle do you have? (Optional for Men)

Now total up your answers for Questions #1 - 10. If the majority of your choices/answers is the 1st option, select Option 1 below. If the majority of your answers is the 2nd option, select Option 2 below. And so on.

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