CELLWORX® A new generation concentrated extract of powerful small molecule bioactive compounds found in colostrum, the first secretion from the mammary gland following the birth of all mammals.CELLWORX® provides your body with fast acting immune signallers that are required for an appropriatelevel of immune response. When the body does not respond rapidly to attack by a virus or pathogenic bacteria we get ill. And if the immune system responds too vigorously, or to the wrong signals we may suffer allergies and auto-immune diseases. CELLWORX® provides the software for modulating the immune response. There is a range of active compounds in this new generation extract:

1. Info-Peptides; compounds which provide regulation and signals forcorrect function of our immune system. These compounds are cell teachers and mediators

2. Sialyl Oligosaccharides; large acidic sugar based compounds which on their own will fight bacteria but more importantly will provide the chemical compounds required for efficient communication across the nerve gap, between the nerve cells

3. Neuro-Peptides; specific compounds which have been shown to improve cognitiveresponse in the elderly and delay the onset of neuro- degenerative disorders

4. Cytokines; compounds such as IGF-1 and 2, TGF, EGF, PDGF and many others which are involved in the cell to cell recognition and replication pathways.

How does the product work?

CELLWORX® is a targeted extract from pure colostrum that utilises a unique delivery system within the body to get directly in to the blood stream. The liquid CELLWORX® extract is sprayed under the tongue. It is important to hold the CELLWORX® under the tongue for as long as possible. This sublingual delivery system completely avoids any loss of important bioactives that can occur through gastric juices in the digestive system. The active compounds in CELLWORX® are adsorbed directly in to the bloodstream by a process called transmucosal adsorption. This process is unique to the area of skin under the tongue. Once the active compounds in CELLWORX® are in the blood stream they are distributed around the body. Some enter the important bone marrow tissue. These active compounds attach to receptors on the cell walls of all immune cells, including stem cells. As they attach they turn on mechanisms within the cell which instruct the cells what to do. These compounds teach our immune system and other important body systems how to function at optimum levels.

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Oral Spray 125ml

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