Positive Energy Program

Invigorate every aspect of your life!

If you are always feeling lethargic and before the day is out, you are done for – you need to discover how you can unleash your hidden energy. When you have positive energy, you can achieve more, feel a lot happier and certainly feel much younger and become a more attractive person.

Life is for living… be adventurous, be excited – there is so much you can enjoy!

But when you are low in energy, you are dull, you feel stressed, unhappy, grumpy... people avoid you.

Turn your life around as our team of trained health coaches, medical doctor and therapists help you discover your inner strength and learn the basic techniques to harness the positive energy that is in you!


You are indeed what you eat. If you have been feeling stressed or tire easily, it could be due in part to the food you have been eating. It’s important that you understand the basics of healthy eating and follow a healthy diet plan that would help you not only tap into your positive energy, but stay healthy as well.

Health Coach International’s diet pan is based on optimising the Krebs’ cycle, a specific metabolic pathway within the cells of our body, where the basic components of food — carbohydrates, protein and fats — is oxidised for energy. The Krebs’ cycle takes place inside the mitochondria or 'power plant' of cells and provides energy required for the organism to function. Disruptions in the normal production of mitochondrial energy can contribute to a wide range of metabolic disturbances and symptoms, including fatigue, immune system dysfunction, dementia, depression, behavioral disturbances, attention deficiency, muscle weakness and pain, angina, heart disease, diabetes, skin rashes, and hair loss.

Your coach will work with you to design a plan that is suited to your particular circumstances and dietary preferences. The focus is on developing long-term changes in food choices. Frequent contact with the coach during the period of diet adjustment will improve success rate and compliance.


Physical activity is, without doubt, one of the most effective ways to increase positive energy, reduce stress, and its effects on the body. The mental and physical benefits of exercise can’t be obtained any other way. Physical activity also helps your body get rid of the stress hormones released in response to stressors experienced throughout the day. Exercise gets your muscles back into the normal state, strengthens and tones them and helps you respond better to latter stressors.

The mental benefits of exercise are just as important; after exercise you will feel peaceful and relaxed, and generally, good about yourself. Many people have found they are able to solve problems better after a bout of exercise. It also aids in sleeping, so if you are unable to sleep due to stress, this is a good solution.

The activity will be customised for the client based on current activity level and personal preferences, with a focus on a long-term goal rather than a short-term spate of intense activity that may be unsustainable or worse, dangerous to health.


Behavioral therapy is a useful adjunct to planned adjustments in food intake and physical activity. Specific behavioral strategies include the following: self-monitoring, stress management, stimulus control, problem-solving, contingency management, cognitive restructuring and social support.

Confidentiality of our clients is assured.

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