Health Tips for Emotional Health & Wellness

Emotional health or wellness refers to your overall psychological well-being - how you feel about yourself, how you interact with others and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with day-to-day challenges and stressors.

Being emotionally healthy doesn't just mean the absence of mental disorders like depression, anxiety or other psychological issues.

Emotional well-being means you have:

  • A sense of contentment
  • A sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • A passion for life and the ability to laugh and have fun
  • A sense of balance between work and play, rest and activity, etc
  • The ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships
  • The ability to deal with stress positively and bounce back from adversity
  • The flexibility to learn new things and adapt to change
  • Self-confidence and healthy self-esteem

    People who enjoy emotional wellness live life to the fullest, know how to have fun and at the same time, be able to cope with life's inevitable challenges and stresses. They have strong relationships that provide a good support structure for them when faced with adversity.

    We all go through road bumps in our life journey – disappointments, frustrations, loss, change, giving rise to sorrow, anger, anxiety and stress. People who are emotionally strong have better resilience than those who are more likely to cave in to stress. They are able to move past their challenges and not allow their emotions to control them.

    Unfortunately, many people take their emotional well-being for granted – focusing on it only when they develop mental disorders. But just as it requires effort and discipline to build or maintain physical health, so it is with emotional health. There are simple things you can do to achieve happiness and contentment in life, build resilience against adversity, and simply have more fun!

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