K-29 - Secret to Untapped Energy

K-29 is a Broad-Spectrum Nutritional Supplement designed to bring all the steps of Krebs Cycle, as well as the many other important biochemical cycles going on in every cell, into balance and operating at maximum efficiency.

What is the Krebs Cycle?

In 1953 Sir Hans Adolf Krebs received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of a series of energy producing processes whereby food is completely broken down and converted into energy. Micro-nutrients such as pecific vitamins, minerals and amino acids combine to efficiently convert all food into energy. The most important point to remember is that if any one of these micro-nutrients is deficient or absent, it can sharply reduce the effectiveness of food conversion into energy.

The Krebs Cycle is a complex cycle of Bio-chemical reactions taking place within every living cell. The function of this cycle is to produce the energy necessary to carry out all the functions of the cell. It is a multi-step process, involving many different biochemical reactions. Each of these reactions has specific chemical requirements which must be supplied through the food we take in.

If the nutrients for any step of the cycle are absent or in short supply, the entire cycle is thrown out of balance and the body’s ability to produce the energy which it needs is inhibited.

Conversely, supplying all the nutrients will facilitate the energy making process.

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How does K29 work?

K-29 was designed to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino-acids in perfect balance and quantities to give your body the extra energy you need daily.

Just as the engine of your car turns fuel into energy, so too does K-29 in your body. When the engine is poorly tuned what kind of gas mileage do you get?

Your body is no different. Poor nutritional ‘tuning’ leads to poor energy ‘mileage’ from the foods you eat. You ‘run out of gas’ before you run out of hours in the day!

K-29 prevents this by giving you the extra energy you need to make it through the day with vitality! All the body’s biochemical cycles must be ‘tuned up’ in order to get maximum useful energy from your food.

K-29 is ideal for everyone, from new born infants through to sports people, the elderly and generally active people:

CHILDREN Especially helpful in stabilizing hyperactive children and blood sugar levels.

TEENAGERS It is found to meet the requirements of higher nutrients in proper balance and adequate amount for proper health growth and extra energy for teenagers.

PREGNANT AND LACTATING MOTHERS It contains all the essential nutrients so as to benefit both mother and child.

SALES PERSONS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE It supplies high energy level to meet the demanding task of the sales person’s job, and at the same time serve as a perfect and nutritious meal replacement.

SPORTMEN AND SPORTWOMEN It provides extra energy for maximum performance in sports and games.

ELDERLY PEOPLE K-29 provides super quality proteins and the RDA amount of all the essential vitamins, mineral and trace elements that are needed to convert the food you eat into energy. It is a complete food supplement for the elderly people.

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K-29 420g


FREE Delivery anywhere in Singapore only.

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