Colostrum – The Anti-Aging Miracle

There’s more to colostrums than simply as an immune system booster. Research is also increasingly pointing to the ability of colostrums to help slow down the aging process.

Much of the search for youth has focused on the superficial effects of aging – graying hair, wrinkles and reduced endurance. However, aging is far more than the physical changes in our body’s appearance. While “feeling old” may be a state of mind as well as a set of physical sensations, the aging process itself is a biological one.

No matter how young we feel, our body goes through physiological changes as we get older.

While changes due to aging in our cells, muscles and immune system sound like a series of irreversible processes, they can be slowed down with colostrums because of the growth factors it contains. Growth factors stimulate our skeletal and muscle growth on a cellular level while regulating our metabolism.

Children need these growth factors to flourish. If they are absent, then growth-hormone (GH) therapy is prescribed. Researchers found that GH replacement in adults with growth hormone deficiencies resulted in markedly beneficial alterations in body composition, fat distribution, and bone and mineral metabolism.

Growth hormone helps our long bones, joints and muscles grow. As we age, we create less GH, and we tend to experience osteoporosis and less lean muscle mass. At the same time, several studies also conclude that GH treatment could prevent some signs of aging.

Each of the growth factors in colostrums helps stimulate cell and tissue growth by activating DNA formation. Unlike other supplements that provide only single growth factors, colostrums combines a complete package of growth factors that work together synergistically, as nature intended.

Most of the anti-aging effects of GH therapy are a result of increasing the body’s concentration of IgF1 and IgF2. IgF1 and IgF2 are the most active ingredients found in colostrums. They tell the body how to use the fat, sugar and protein obtained from food intake. They also control how cells grow and repair themselves.

Colostrum’s Future Impact

Research now underway is expected to yield even more concrete data about the impact colostrums has on our lives. Just a partial list of the ways colostrums can potentially help us achieve and maintain optimum health and slow the aging process includes:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – colostrum can reduce inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis – colostrums helps to build bone density
  • Transplantation – immunoglobulins in colostrums help reduce infection with fungus and bacteria
  • Cancer fighters – the cytokines in colostrums include the powerful; interleukins.
  • Slowing of HIV – colostrums can help reduce the infectious conditions.
  • Reduction in obesity – colostrums can help the body better utilize the food it eats.
  • Effects of aging – colostrums cream can moisturize and even repair skin (via epithelial growth factor) to help reduce the effects and appearance of aging.
  • The Adult Stem Cell Foundation also endorses the use of colostrum in adult stem cell therapy, as it stimulates the release of adult stem cells from the marrow into the blood circulation. Growth factors in colostrum help activate stem cells.

    Article is extracted from Great Health News, a publication of Institute of Colostrum Research. The Institute of Colostrum Research provides information focused on the use of colostum as a nutraceutical.

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