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"I have been suffering from diabetes for the past 19 years. I constantly felt tired and too lethargic to work. I relied heavily on medication and insulin injections. After taking Alpha Lipid Lifeline[colostrum from New Zealand]for 2 months, I did not need insulin injections anymore. I’ve now been taking Alpha Lipid for 5 months. I can’t really express how effective Alpha Lipid has been to me personally except to say it has certainly helped to improve my health. Only people who have been sick before will appreciate just how important good health is to our lives – you just can’t put a dollar value to it! Now I help other people get healthy by introducing Alpha Lipid to those who value good health, as well as to society at large in Kelantan." - Mohamed Norawi, 50, Kelantan

Nail Fungus

“For 3 years, I have been suffering from a viral infection (fungus) on my thumb. This has caused the nail to rot and I have not been able to use any kind of soap on that area. Because of that, for 3 years, I have had to eat with a spoon (instead of with my fingers as is our culture). I have tried many cures, both traditional, like the Mecca henna as well as various medication and creams prescribed by the doctor. However, nothing was effective, and in fact, the infection had spread to my other fingers. In June 2008, I was introduced to Alpha Lipid by my sibling. After consuming just 2 cans, the infected skin which was peeling, started to grow back, and eventually, the swelling subsided, the pain ceased, and the skin dried up. It was amazing!” - Umi Kalthom, 60, Kuala Lumpur

Skin Allergy

“I have been having skin allergy and itchiness for the past 6 years. It started from having sinus in the nose, and then spread to the rest of my body. This was very embarrassing and I became an outcast in school. Because of this terrible condition, I skipped school a lot. I tried many things – making pledges, medication from the doctor, my parents even tried traditional Chinese medicine. I even drank some herbal medicine made from some root that was so bitter! In July 2008, I started taking Alpha Lipid, the change was …., Although it was not completely healed, nevertheless I did not feel the itchiness anymore. I will continue to take Alpha Lipid to ensure that the old scars and itchiness will disappear completely. My father has decided to hold a thanksgiving dinner once I am healed.” - Amirul, 14, Kuala Lumpur

High Blood Pressure

“I have been suffering from high blood pressure for the past 13 years; every month I had to go for a medical check up at the Sungai Buluh hospital. My blood pressure reading was 210/180. I often experienced high fever, giddiness, nausea and my feet became swollen. I was introduced to Alpha Lipid Lifeline in June 2008. After drinking only 2 cans, I could see the difference – my feet was not swollen anymore and what was most amazing was, my blood pressure became normal at 135/75. Even my doctor was surprised and asked me to go back for a second check up the following month. At the subsequent check up, my blood pressure reading remained the same. ‘This is truly amazing!’ said the doctor.

To this day, I’m still drinking my Lifeline everyday, and will continue to do so!” - Siti Mokminah, 57, Selangor

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“I have had asthma since my school days. I was introduced to Alpha Lipid in May 2008 by my mother-in-law, who was suffering from high blood pressure and migraine. After drinking 2 cans, I experienced a healing crisis – I was coughing continuously, with a lot pf phlegm, for 2 months. I could not sleep well at night and snored in my sleep. However, thank God, after the third month, all these disappeared. Now I can sleep well, the coughing has stopped and I’m so happy that I do not have asthma anymore! Until today, I’m still drinking my Lifeline everyday.” - Noraizah, 33, Kuala Lumpur

Fish bone stuck in tongue

“I had a fish bone stuck in my tongue for 4½ days. According to a top doctor in Hong Kong, all fish bone stuck in the mouth will get infected by the second day. But mine was fine and was not infected up to the time it was finally removed on the fifth day. Colostrum was the only capsule I consistently took everyday besides my usual calcium, vitamin E and Tri-Flex (for joints). Therefore, I can safely assume that it was Colostrum that kept my infection away.” - Wong Yee Ling , Singapore

Fast recovery rate

“I have been consuming Alpha Lipid Lifeline for close to 2 years and have noticed faster recovery rates after strenuous running like cross-countries and marathons. Alpha Lipid Lifeline also provided a boost to my speed and endurance in races.” - Rufus Chua, Singapore

Colorectal Cancer - Recovery after surgery

“After taking Alpha Lipid Lifeline for 3 months, I found that my sinus problem has improved so much that I can breathe and sleep well.

In June 2007, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer unexpectantly as there was no sign that I was ill since I wasn’t losing weight and can eat well. In fact, the surgeon was very surprised that the cancer cells were isolated though my cancer was classified stage 3. After my surgery, everyone around me was amazed by my speed of recovery.

I was already walking around 3 days after my major op and was discharged from hospital 5 days after the surgery. Over the next 2 months, my appetite has returned to normal and my weight has increased steadily. To date, my weight is back to my pre-op and I am feeling great! In fact, whenever I relate my experience with friends, nobody can believe that I’ve been an ex-cancer patient as I look good all round. It’s great to be enjoying life!” - Henry Liang, 45 , Singapore


“I have always been an easy target for the flu bug. My constant traveling worsen the situation. I was constantly sick whenever I return from an overseas trip. In fact, my MCs were always used up. After taking Alpha Lipid Lifeline for 4 months, I realized that I am no more sick after a few of my overseas trips and have gone without MC for the whole of 2007. I felt good not having to go through the process of sore throat , fever, cough anymore! Happy & Healthy Living!” - Jenny Liang, Singapore

Dengue fever

“I was diagnosed with Dengue fever on 10 Aug 2001. My platelets count upon hospitalization was 86 (normal: 150-400; ‘000s/cmm) and dropped to 70 the following morning. Since there are no proven therapeutic options available, the doctors could do little except to prescribe Panadol tablets for my fever and 3-6 litres of water.

I then heard about the effectiveness of Colostrum and decided to ingest 1000mg of Colostrums First (vege caps) 3 times daily. By the morning of the 3rd day, the platelets count rose to 88 , the fever subsided and I was told that should the rebound continue, I could be discharged in no time.

True enough, the blood test report the following day showed a platelet count of 124. The dengue virus had lost its sting and I was on my way out of the ward at the Communicable Disease Centre, Singapore – less than 72 hours after taking the Colostrum!

For the following week, I continued with 6-9 Colostrum First (vege caps) and K29 twice each day. My platelets count on 28 Aug was 228

I have also given Colostrum to my bed-ridden 90 year-old mother. After about 5 months at 6 capsules daily, I saw the once depressed weak, sickly and full of pains elderly woman changed into a new mother, one more alive, alert , comfortable and at peace.

Indeed, the effectiveness of Colostrum has been deeply etched in my mind.” - John Loh

General health

“Took Alpha Lipid Lifeline for 3 months - no sickness, stopped for around 6 months - got sick with fever, cough, flu. Started taking again in April - no sickness so far.

Above all, I am more alert in everything I do and don’t get so tired that easily as I have 3-4 commitments per week. My friends saw this change and asked me what did I do and I told them I am taking colostrum which is good for the immune system.” - June Tan, Singapore

“I am an entrepreneur . I am already 57 years old. Wow, think of it time really flies. I have been taking Alpha Lipid Lifeline since Aug 2006. Before Lifeline, I use to visit the doctors once or twice a month for flu and cold. Since then, I have not visited the doctors. No cold, no flu, no doctors, no bills … At the same time, the ache and pain at my right heel that had been troubling me for years had disappeared. Now, I don’t even remember I had the pain.” - Patrick Lim, 57, Singapore

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