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Dear Friend,

Many years ago, when I was working at a “clock-watching” job in a financial institution, I used to go on medical leave at least once a fortnight. Mind you, I was really sick – with migraine, gastric, diarrhea, flu, you name it. Now I haven’t stayed home sick for years and years – I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a clinic except for the annual health checks I go for.

No, I’m not out to discredit medical doctors – I’m sure most of them are wonderful, conscientious people. It’s just that I think we all have to take personal responsibility for own health and well-being. I believe in good health via a healthy lifestyle, and prevention rather than cure.

My friends get tired of my “nagging” but I do not intend to desist. One of them, in her mid-30s, has the most unbelievably unhealthy practices – smoking, a diet of mostly meat and hardly any vegetables or fruit, sleeping late from watching DVDs and playing computer games, no exercise… little wonder that she gets sick every so often. And when she does get sick, it’s off to the doctor and more antibiotics, and on and on it goes.

Put your past bad habits behind and start anew.

As Dr Deepak Chopra says, “To have a renewed body, you need to be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions. If you look closely at your own life, you will realize that you are sending signals to your body that repeat the same old fears and wishes, the same old habits of yesterday and the day before. That is why you are stuck with the same old body.”

So if you are getting sick all the time, you have to recognize that your body is telling you something is not right, either spiritually or mentally, as well as physically. We cannot simply ignore the signals, and hope they’ll go away with a dose of antibiotics or two!

“Health is not just an absence of a disease. It’s an inner joyfulness that should be ours all the time – a state of positive well-being.” – Deepak Chopra, MD.


So how do you get started? Here are some suggestions for the week (and days to come):

  • First and foremost, love yourself. Every morning, look into the mirror and give thanks for the wonderful person looking back at you. My friend and colleague June greets herself by saying, “Hi, Gorgeous!”

  • Take a list of all the bad habits that you want to get rid of – smoking, sleeping late and waking up late, eating junk food, etc. Then just make a decision and STOP it! If you need help, write to us; our health coaches will be able to help you.

  • Feed your spirit, mind and body with good, nutritious diets. Like reading a good book, watching a good movie that will nourish the soul and put a smile on your face (like Bucket List; not a horror movie, please!), and of course eating good, nutritious food.

  • Indulge in a good body massage or foot reflexology, or a stress-free holiday. I like to go camping in the jungle – it’s so amazingly rejuvenating for the mind and spirit!

  • At least once a year, go for a detox program. For more advice on this area, watch out for future issues or write to me at coach@health-coach-international.com.

    I'll see you next week!

    Work with a health coach today to develop a healthy lifestyle!