Health Coach International
Weight Loss Exercise Program

Tree Hugging

This series of weight loss exercises is to help you tone up your muscles and lose fat from specific parts of your body. You may do the isometric exercises at home for about 10 to 15 minutes each day.

The first of the series - The Tree Hugging exercise is to tone up your calf, thigh and arm muscles, and burn the fat around your abdominal muscles. Please do a warm up before this exercise.

1. Stand with feet, shoulder width apart. Relax your whole body.

2. Place your hand together in front of your lower abdomen.

3. With body straight, lowly bend your knees as low as you can.

3a. Side view of 3.

4. Slowly move both arms out in front of you to hug the “tree”, at the same time, raising your heels to stand on the ball of your feet. Stay in this position for 20 counts,

4a. Side view of 4. (Note: “Tree” must be straight so spine is straight.)

5. (Looking for the sunflower). Slowly turn your body to your left, lower you heels on to the ground, so body is now facing 90°. While your feet hardly moved - as you turn your body, slowly move your right arm upward, palm out, in front of your face, while your left arm moves downward to your rear, palm facing outward.

6. Stay for 20 counts.

6a. Side view. Notice tightening of muscles in the abdomen, calf and the thigh.

7. Slowly turn the head to look to the rear then look downward towards your heel behind you. Stay for 10 counts.

7a. Side view.

8. Repeat the whole sequence turning to your right this time.

For a weight loss exercise to tone the arm and chest muscles, look at the Sunflower Blooming exercise.