Benefits of Exercise

If you want to look good, feel great, regular exercise is a must. The benefits of exercise are both physiological and psychological. Appropriate and regular exercise will improve physical fitness, promote physical as well as emotional health, and reduce the risk of developing many diseases.

Some physiological benefits of exercise are:

  • Improved cardio-vascular function i.e. heart and blood circulation.
  • Improved respiratory function i.e. lungs and breathing.
  • Improved muscle tone, strength and stamina, which leads to improved body posture and body contours.
  • Improved bone density and thus reduced risk of osteoporosis.
  • Increased metabolic rate, with reduction in fat reserves. Muscle tissue has a higher metabolic rate, which means an increased demand for fuel and reduced fat store.
  • Lowering of blood cholesterol levels.
  • Improved flexibility, thus leading to improved joint movement and reduced likelihood of trauma.
  • Reduced risk of developing debilitating diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, type II diabetes. Exercise reduces stress, which is a contributory factor in many of these illnesses.

      Some of the psychological benefits are:
    • Sense of achievement, well-being and euphoria.
    • Reduction in stress level.
    • Increased relaxation and more restful sleep.

    However, note that inappropriate and excessive exercise can be damaging, and in fact, at its worse, even dangerous. There have been cases of death caused by excessive effort by “weekend warriors” – corporate executives who are normally sedentary, going for extremely strenuous activities.

    If in doubt, consult your doctor, fitness or health coach.

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