Health Coach International
Weight Loss Exercise Program

Shovelling Gold

This isometric exercise is great for toning the thigh and chest muscles, and help you lose fat around the thigh muscles.

1. Stand with feet, shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, spine straight. Hands at the side, palms outward, like a pair of shovels. Lower your knees – “shoveling” the palms downward – like shoveling into the ground.

1a. Side view.

2. Slowly lift your lower arms up, in a crane-like motion - bending at elbows until palms are in front of your mid torso. In the same continuous motion, straighten your legs (don’t lock the knees). Keep your spine straight. (Step 2a to 2b)

3. Slowly move your palms in front of your face.

4. Then lower the palms back towards your lower abdomen. (Step 4a)

5. Repeat 3 times.

Tree Hugging - a weight loss exercise to tone the thigh and abdomional muscles.

Sunflower Blooming - a weight loss exrcise to tone the arm and chest muscles.